Collect all input in one place, structure it, and prioritize what to build next.

An opinionated power tool for product managers that helps you
deliver customer-obsessed products better and faster.

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Find out how we nerd out on product management

Solving 3 key problems in digital product management.


Gathering all input in one place is hard.

From support tickets to feature requests and everything in between.

Collect all input in one inbox.


Processing input and prioritizing is hard.

If you don't process input correctly, the right priorities will never surface.

Surface the right priorities.


Using generic tools makes product management hard.

Somehow we're still stuck with tools that were not made for the job.

Use PM power tools.


Collect all input in one inbox.

Customer feedback, notes from sales calls, internal conversations, feature requests and user research insights. It all ends up in one inbox.

Collect all input in one inbox - ProductNerd

Input from customers and employees

Give your customers and employees simple tools to submit all their ideas, requests and (brilliant?) shower thoughts 🚿. Or use our API to build any custom integration that you can dream of. And more is coming soon!


Send anything to one email address


Send a message to our bot


Submit feedback through a form

Freddy Feedback

Connect Freddy's feedback widget

Browser Extensions

Submit anything from any tool


Build custom integrations


Surface the right insights.

ProductNerd was designed to work for your app specifically. This way you can easily process feedback and prioritize what to build next.

Define your app structure to get value right from the start - ProductNerd

Starts with your product instead of with a blank canvas or dummy data like most PM tools do. You can define your app structure making it relevant from the start.

Connect input to the relevant parts of your app, or send bugs directly to your team - ProductNerd

Connect input to the relevant parts of your app, or send bugs directly to your team.

Surface the right product priorities - ProductNerd

Shows you priorities based on the input you connected. Filter by priority and customer sentiment to instantly see what needs work.


Specialized power tools.

Opinionated, for the modern PM and built specifically for B2B SaaS.

Competitor radar

No need to go through your competitors websites every week.

Our radar keeps track of all your competitors and lets you know when they have announcements.

Tools, features and insights inspired by leading PMs across the globe to take your product management to the next level (OK maybe not Dark Mode but it's really nice).

Weekly Digest

Kickstart the week with an overview of insights.


Best practices and templates for writing product specs.

Dark Mode

"A pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural"

Specialized and different.

How most PM tools do it

Feedback all over the place
Generic or difficult to set up
Not designed for software PMs

How we do it

All feedback in one inbox
Starts with a blueprint of your product
Specialized tools designed for PMs

Currently in beta.

Get an email when we launch, or try the beta

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Resources for Product Managers

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