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How many Product Managers are there?

12 September 2021

About the PM job

Products of all kinds are rolling out around the world at breakneck speed. From that new shiny app on your phone to a new flavour of chips. Because we’re building a product management tool we obviously wondered: just how many product managers are really out there?

In essence we’re only saving you a LinkedIn search, as there don’t seem to be any official sources on this topic. These are the job titles and their results:

So about 33 million people working in product management sounds reasonable. Of course, this is across all industries and both digital and physical products. You could argue this number is even higher as people that list their position as ‘Founder’ should also be counted.

Increase in product management positions

Filtering by location, we get 5.63 million results with the term “product manager” in the US. This would go on to suggest a roughly 50-fold increase from 2014, where a LinkedIn search for the same term displayed only about 150,000 profiles in the US (obviously this does not take into account the increase in the use of LinkedIn).


Well, there are many people working in product management 😃. Our tool was designed specifically for PMs in B2B SaaS with a strong focus on small to medium size companies (from 1 to 200 employees). Whenever we get more insights into this segment we’ll write a follow-up.

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