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Why we're building ProductNerd

11 September 2021

About us

While we're writing this we're a few weeks away from a private beta, so it's pretty early days. But a great moment to write about what got us started on this tool in the first place.

In short

ProductNerd is a product management tool focussed on PMs that work in B2B SaaS and in small to medium sized companies (we like to say 1 to 200 employees).

It lets you collect all input in one place, structure it, and prioritize what to build next so you can ship customer-obsessed products better and faster.

Our target audience might sound pretty narrow, but by doing so we can make sure that we solve problems in a very focussed way.

Why a PM tool?

It's likely that you work in product or a related field, so you're probably aware how difficult it is to determine what to build next. Although many tools make it seem as simple as: collect customer feedback (eg from a feature voting board) and then build what customers ask. But it's never that simple, because there are lots of different inputs for what to build next.

So that's why we decided to build a tool that helps you collect input from any place, structure it and then through this structure help you decide what to build next.

With an emphasis on help, because our tool is not the holy grail 🏆 (any tool that claims to be should be avoided 😉)

v0.1 of ProductNerd

What problems do we solve?

Our homepage gives the best overview, but in short:

Existing product management tools

There are some PM tools out there, but they all didn't do what we wanted. Here are our main frustrations and how we solve them:

Existing tools start with blank canvas or dummy data

When you've onboarded you'll see a dummy product (like a video chat app). Or you start with a completely blank canvas. Both of these are not relevant for you product.

Instead, we start with a blueprint of your product so that you can start collecting input right away.

You can set up the components of your app to connect input to

Existing tools ask you to write features

Might sound logical: a PM writes features. But after collecting all kinds of input the next step is finding structure. What are your customers the most frustrated about? What received the most feedback lately? Which part of the account settings is causing problems? In other words: what has the highest priority and why?

As you can see: the answer to that question is not a feature, but rather an area to focus on. That's what ProductNerd provides you with. And of course, after that it's off to writing features!

Clear insights on which parts of your product needs your attention

Existing tools work for everyone and everything

As mentioned at the start of this post: we focus on PMs that work in B2B SaaS. Because we apply focus we can make this tool work specifically challenges that you have.

Enough reading, let me in already! 🚪

While we're working on the finishing touches you can sign up to get notified when we launch. And if you want in on the private beta (and can live with some bugs 🐛) send an email to We'd love to hear from you!

Currently in beta.

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