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Components: Overview

Components form the blueprint of your app. Here's how to use them.

In short

Components are the blueprint of your app, and they will show up on input items. By connecting input to components, ProductNerd will keep track of all the input on a component level. This enables you to easily discover insights in the Structure view.

Your first components

During the onboarding we asked what components you have, so this is why you have some of the most important ones set up already the first time that you use ProductNerd.

Creating components

Click the 'Add' button, pick a name, a color and an icon and you're done!

Creating sub-components

Select a component and then click on 'Add new'.

Life's easy! 😃

How to choose your components

Components are the parts of your app, so they form the blueprint that you will connect input to.

Here are some components and sub-components that you would typically set up

As you can see these are all pretty generic, and this will work fine. But it's probably wise to add components that are specific to your app. Maybe you run a backup saas and you have an 'Add cloud provider' component. You could have each cloud provider as a sub-component.

What happens when I delete a component?

Deleted components are lost forever, so be careful. All input items that were connected to this component will be disconnected, and the component will not show up in your Structure view anymore.

Note that you can always edit components if you didn't define them correctly.

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