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Getting started

Learn all the basics in just a few minutes.

👋 Welcome!

We're excited to have you on board. ProductNerd was designed to make the process of collecting and processing input simple and fast, and to provide an easy way to show you what elements of your app to focus on.


You can use ProductNerd in different ways, but the basic workflow always revolves around collecting input and processing it.

In short, this is how you use ProductNerd:

  1. Collect input items in the Inbox
  2. Process these input items
  3. Discover insights in the Structure view
  4. Write features based on these insights

In addition to this workflow, there are few other important things to know:

In this getting started guide we'll walk you through the most important items in ProductNerd and how to set them up.

First things first: Inbox and Components

The first 2 things will only take a few minutes, and could even be the only things you ever need!

1: Set up your components

Components are the blueprint of your app. When input comes in, you can connect that input to your components. By doing this, you can then use the Structure view to see what to focus on.

This is why during your onboarding we asked what components you have: you have some of the most important ones set up already.

Go to Components in your dashboard. There you can create more components and add sub-components.

If you want to read more about components you can view the documentation here.

2: Get input into your inbox

You can add manual input in your Inbox but we feel that's cheating 😉.

The real deal is getting input from colleagues and customers! Try out one of the no-code integrations like the Internal Portal or the Email option.

Once you have your first input items you can process them.

3: Processing input

Input can be marked as processed, bug or you can archive it.

Processed: this is input that's interesting like feedback, a feature request or an idea. These items will show up in the Structure view.

Bug: bugs have their separate workflow. They will show up in the Bugs menu item and you can also see bugs separately in the Structure view.

Archive: input that's not interesting or relevant. Archived items won't show up anywhere.


Make sure to read our more in-depth documentation about the inbox here to learn how to process input like a boss.

Apply focus: Structure and Features

When you've processed input you can use the Structure view to instantly see what to focus on. Click on a component to view all its details.

One you discover an insight, select all the inputs that are relevant and click on Write a feature. The selected inputs will be attached to your new feature and from there you can start writing specs.


If you enter your customers into ProductNerd you can connect input to them. This way you can easily see which input came from which customer.

Whenever input comes in and there is a customer name included via a dedicated field, we'll try to lookup that customer and connect it to the input automatically.

There are a lot more features coming regarding managing your customers in ProductNerd!


For more information check out the other documentation or jump right into some other things that you can do:

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