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Highly recommended


Marty Cagan

Silicon Valley Product Group

Product vs. Feature Teams

An article that starts with "This article is certain to upset many people." is always a good read. Find out what the difference is between product teams and feature teams.


Jeremiah Lee

Former PM, Spotify

Failed #SquadGoals

If you have ever heard about Spotify's tribes and squads model, read this. Because according to this author, that model failed.

Highly recommended


Rahul Vohra

Founder, Superhuman

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit

The infamous article on measuring Product/Market Fit.


Farbod Saraf

Product Lead, Miro

Miro's product alignment approach

An inside look into how product alignment is done at Miro.


Jovana Zoric

Product Marketing Manager, Infinity

Why Do Product Managers Quit?

A survey to 700+ PMs reveals the top reasons why they quit.


Sahil Lavingia

Founder, Gumroad

How do we decide what to work on?

A detailed description of how Gumroad does product planning and prioritization.

Highly recommended


Tren Griffin

Andreessen Horowitz

12 Things About Product Market Fit

What PMF is and how you know whether you have it.


Brian Donohue

Senior Director of Product Management, Intercom

Ship outcomes, not just features, with the Product Impact Framework

How Intercom has approached shifting more to outcomes vs features.


Richard Holmes

Product Management, Department of Product

Why Products Fail

Exploring some of the reasons your product might fail so that you can embrace and avoid failure when building products.


Sachin Rekhi

Finding Product Culture Fit

Thoughts on finding product culture fit.


Roman Pichler

How to choose the right KPIs for your product

A short an practical guide on what KPIs/metrics to choose for your product.


Hope Gurion

Product Leader

Empower Product Teams with Product Outcomes, Not Business Outcomes

A business outcome is a metric that moves the business forward, while a product outcome is a metric that helps us understand if the product is moving the business forward.

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