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Highly recommended


Lenny Rachitsky

Former Product Lead, AirBNB

Lenny's newsletter

One of the most popular product management newsletters out there. And for good reasons.


Alexis and Adrienne

Former PMs, Facebook/Tesla/Google

Product Managers at Work

Bite-sized, valuable practical advice from seasoned PMs.


Pedram Dara

Product Manager

Product Buff

Curated content about Product Management and Marketing. From idea validation to achieving product/market fit.


Brandon Chu

VP Product Acceleration, Shopify

Blackbox of Product Management

Blackbox of Product Management: Stories of Product Managers and must-know information on the theoretical side of things


Ken Norton

Former Product Manager

Bringing the Donuts

Hosted by a Product Management Leader at Google, this newsletter offers exclusive tips and advice on how to make it to the top of the ladder.

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