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Alex Mitchell

Director of Product, Kin Insurance

The Modern Product Manager

From breaking into product management up to investing, startups and tech.


Hope Gurion

Product Leader

Fearless Product Leadership

Actionable help and advice for new product leaders to lead their team fearlessly.


Anuraag Verma

VP, Customer Development, Feedback Loop

This is Product Management

Interviews with, and insights from, product leaders from different companies.


The Product School

The Product Podcast

The Product Podcast: The know-hows of getting into the PM field and prospering in it as a budding professional

Highly recommended


Product Hunt

Product Hunt Radio

Not just about PM, but lots to learn from the people creating and exploring the future.


JJ Rorie

Sequent Learning Networks

Masters of Product Management

Product Management for non-software products


Global Product Management Talk

Listen to the valuable experiences and advice of successful product managers across industries and across the globe.

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