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Highly recommended


Ebi Atawodi

Director of Product, Netflix

Inspiring with a Product Vision

In this Video Ebi talks us through what a product vision is and how you craft one.


Prashant Nair

Product Manager, Google

A Practical Template for Product Thinking

A very useful template that in our opinion is most suited for more mature products.


Cherrie Wang

Former PM, Google

Google PM mock interview

You shipped comments on mobile. Engagment is up, YouTube watch time is down. What do you do?


Ben Sampson

Founder, WeHero

Product Management for Dummies

This talk breaks down all the must-knows about product management and how to break into the industry... even without a tech-related background.


Bill Ferrell

Former PM, Google

How to build a Product Roadmap

Easy-to-follow guide on how to successfully build product roadmaps



What is Design Thinking?

Not specific to PM, but Design Thinking is a very valuable methodology to understand and apply.

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